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Democratizing innovation - my interview with Newt Gingrich

Evan Baehr

From a recent interview by Newt Gingrich of Will Davis and Evan Baehr about Outbox. Listen to full interview by clicking play on black button below.  

Through our experience and watching that of hundreds of people around the country we learned that with little capital and a really small team you have a chance to validate a good or service that can delight millions of people and literally transform an industry, like Uber or Lyft with transportation or AirBNB with housing.  This democratizing of innovation has been enabled by many things; a prime example is cloud computing, which lets two web developers spin up servers to support hundreds of millions of customers.  This democratization lets more people more easily pursue innovation. 

In the Outbox scenario we wanted to solve a big public problem that obviously has a relationship to the government.  And through our experience we learned that there is no Amazon Web Services for public policy. Working with government requires millions of dollars and years of effort.  Forging this requires time and money--two assets of which startups have none. 

We're back at it again--working to build another disruptive company in a highly regulated space.  Alongside this our hope is that more young people who, five years ago, may have wanted to go to law school, run for office, or work at a think tank, would set out instead to create private businesses that can delight customers in a way that improves the services that government has delivered poorly on or stood in the way of.