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A place to share prose and photography not in a spirit of hubris or sense of it being worthy--but as a discipline to keep me constantly improving.


My first go at a radio show: send your feedback

Evan Baehr

I'm so thankful for getting to do what I do; if I had to summarize what I do, it would be something like: meeting with extraordinary people to either convince them to give us money, convince them to join our team, or convince them to take our money.  At the core of this is meeting with amazing people with powerful stories.  But getting to keep those stories to myself would be selfish--so we decided to do something about that and being telling and producing these stories for everyone to hear.

I listened in a new way to a range of podcasts, took Alex Blumberg's (of Planet Money and Gimlet Media fame) Creative Live course, bought some gear, and turned on a mic.  Below is one of our first stories--this one with Greg McEvilly.  And all of the audio-wizardly is by the amazing Tripp Johnston

I'd love your help!  Would you give this a listen and then leave me some feedback?  We'd looking for ideas for how to make it better.

Greg is the chief equipping officer and founder of Kammok, an innovative outdoor brand that connects people with the adventure of changing lives.  “When people buy from a certain brand, they are essentially casting their vote for a product — make them want to cast their vote for you.” - Greg McEvilly

From receiving his startup’s first loan at his parents’ breakfast table, to reaching his Kickstarter goal on the first day, Greg has built a “MOB-like” business around his personal passion, helping others.