HI. I like people, including you.

I'd love to hear from you, so please feel free to drop me a line. Coffee chat? Admissions consulting?  Speaking invitation? Investment?  Excited to hear.

Austin, TX 78703

A place to share prose and photography not in a spirit of hubris or sense of it being worthy--but as a discipline to keep me constantly improving.


Evan is a widely published and recognized speaker on a range of topics including startups, entrepreneurship, innovation, fundraising, career planning, and graduate school admissions.  His sessions have been described as a mix of a TED Talk, Harvard Business School case study, and a therapy session. He's available for keynotes, workshops, and interactive sessions with groups from 10 to 500. Fill out the form below to connect with someone on Evan's team to discuss the details. 


A few words from participants in Evan's sessions: 

What was the best part? All of it. From start to finish. But, if I had to pick just one, I would say his breakdown of ‘where I’ve been,’ ‘where I’m going,’ and ‘how I’ll get there’ was some of the best career and life advice I’ve ever heard.
Evan was AMAZING. Evan’s mind is beautiful, and his thought process put on a PowerPoint was such a helpful tool to use! I appreciated his design model so much, it will definitely be something I use in the future, not only for my own discernment and applications, but I will undoubtedly be telling my mentees and friends about his method. Absolutely PHENOMENAL.
Hands down the best career advisement talk I’ve ever seen. I loved the exercise in which he helped us to tell our story in a compelling way. Change nothing. At all. It was superb. And please bring this fool back.

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